RUGBY: Rugby Lions

Lions v Trinity Guild
Lions v Trinity Guild

Great club effort for Trinity Guild win

Midlands 5 West (South)

Rugby Lions 66

Trinity Guild 0

Gareth Bott first played for Rugby Lions at the age of five and last Saturday he proudly led out the Lions for the first time – and led from the front by scoring a try and converting it just two minutes into a game for which his overall performance earned him supporters’ man of the match.

A local referee was called in during the very wet morning and he ruled the first-team pitch unfit because of standing water.

That left Rugby having to prepare the second team pitch which the ref had judged fit for play.

So Fergus Deery and Eric Wright did a superb job in the short time available to get the pitch marked out even while the rain continued to fall and caused every other game in the division to be postponed.

Such efforts were much appreciated by a crowd of well over a hundred supporters who turned up despite the weather, as were those of clubhouse manager Karen Fox using Poll Green’s mobility scooter to get beer to the distant pitch.

And as were the efforts of the Lions squad who put on such a good game (with Trinity Guild who, despite the two big league defeats, have impressed as a club as much as any other Lions have met in this division).

For the third time this season, the referee announced a final Lions score that was higher than that recorded by Rugby’s statistical whizz kids but it didn’t flatter an impressive Rugby squad showing eight changes from their previous game.

Rugby had the game won by half time as they led 33-0 thanks to further tries by Karl Lawson, Chris Easton and Ollie Machon (2) with Bott adding three more conversions.

Trinity Guild were playing a full part in the contest but the Rugby defence was excellent throughout the game.

Through the second half, Lions again scored at regular intervals with tries from Jamie Whiteside, James Collins and Wayne Attenborough before Bott scored the last try after a furious sustained attack from Trinity was finally repelled.

Bott said: “I must praise every Lions player today, especially some of the youngsters like Chris Easton, Jamie Whiteside, Dharam Devgun and Jonny Morgan as well as Wayne Attenborough and James Gurling, but it was a whole-squad committed performance that let us prevent Trinity scoring in the final quarter.”

This Saturday, a Rugby Lions team will have an away trip to Southam 2s, for a friendly, ko 2.15pm. Please check the Rugby Lions website for latest news.

Rugby Lions v Trinity Guild: Easton, Morgan, Bott, C Bennett, Whiteside, Dignum, Collins, W Attenborough, Lawson, Kilburn, Hill, Everton, Fuller, Machon, Kimberley. Reps: Nurse, Gurling, Saunders, Devgun, Edwards.