RUGBY: Tournament win for Lions’ youngsters

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Rugby Lions Under 16s are moving upwards and onwards

When youngsters set out to sample the game of rugby, at the age of 7, little do they know of the opportunities that are opening up ahead of them if they stick with it and learn to grow with the game.

Rugby, under the watchful eye of the RFC is a closely controlled sport and as a young player proceeds through the ranks the game changes from a non contact game called Tag Rugby through to the full on game.

This development is called the “Continuum” and is performed in gradual stages, all carefully thought through to take into consideration the physical development of young people as their bodies develop physically year by year from 7 to 16.

What we have witnessed at the Rugby Lions has been an exemplarily set of young people who over the last 9 years have successfully navigated their way through this development process.

They haven’t done this alone of course, they have received continual coaching and encouragement from the club coaches and team manager (all willing parents and ex-players) and the support and touchline attendance of their parents and family, who obviously have been the providers of transport over these formative years.

This group of players now move into the newly formed, Rugby Lions Academy. This represents the new era of the club and every player will get the opportunity to hopefully move on in the future into the Crusaders (2nd team) or even the 1st team squad.

What has been so special about this group of Under 16’s has been the bonding of, not only the players but of the parents too. This has led to many fund raising social events; quizzes, curry nights, pie nights, live music etc.

The team a have played international teams on several occasions having toured France Scotland, Ireland and are planning to visit Holland in October.

Over the past two seasons they hosted teams from both Germany and Holland and defeated them convincingly. They also took on the County schools team and won the first half but ran out of steam on the second half when County changed their complete team.

Many of the squad have been represented the county and district in schools fifteens. Some have played in the Welsh, Scottish and Irish Exiles.

The standards of rugby at the Lions’ have been high and this has been reflected in the success of this team who finished their season off with resounding wins at both the Broadstreet and the Kenilworth festivals.

This is the end of a significant era and the commencement of something new and almost unknown, what we do know is that bonds formed between these young people over the years will remain and put them in good stead to become excellent senior rugby players.

The Lions are looking to recruit new players for all age groups to join their ranks for next season, from 7 to 15 years old. For further information call Chris Hartny-Mills on 07904 866127.

Rugby Lions Under 16s Squad after winning the Kenilworth Tournament

Back row: left to right, Ben Townsend (Fitness Coach), Luke Townsend, Tony Mills (Coach), Aaron Martin, Josh Cooke,

Ed Spencer, Patrick Mills, Tom Branston, Tom Kimberley, Jack Bayliss, Josh Lockley, Ed Street.

Front row: left to right,

Adam Jones, James Neal, Chris Easton (Capt), Jamie Whiteside, Ollie Jones, Tom Marshall-Lee, Phillip Wyman, Brogan Hartny-Mills, Mike Jones (Head Coach)