SCHOOL GAMES SLIDESHOW: School teams battle it out in indoor rowing challenge

Hotly contested Year 6 competition for places in the next round of School Games

Level 2 School Games: Year 6 Indoor Rowing Competition

Rowers from Eastlands and Dunchurch Junior School in action

Rowers from Eastlands and Dunchurch Junior School in action

On Friday youngsters from all over the borough took part in another fantastic rowing event, hotly contested and exciting as always.

The annual level 2 School Games Year 6 indoor rowing competitions were organised by Harris Church of England Academy School Sports Partnership, who would like to congratulate all those who took part.

The results were:

Boys: 1. Boughton Leigh 901m

2. Abbots Farm 884m

3. Dunchurch Junior 877m

4. Oakfield 798m

5. Northlands Primary 763m

6. Riverside 759m

7. Long Lawford 737m

8. Eastlands 724m

Girls: 1. Abbots Farm 912m

2. Oakfield 880m

3. Boughton Leigh 875m

4. Dunchurch Junior 857m

5. Riverside 782m

6. Eastlands 739m

7. Long Lawford 735m

8. Northlands 734m

The top two boys’ teams and top two girls’ teams will progress to compete in the Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Level 3 School Games.

Organisers would like to thank all the Harris sports leaders who gave up some of their Friday evening to support the Year 6 competitors, coaching and encouraging throughout.

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