TRIATHLON CLUB: Incredible six-day test of endurance in the Himalayas

Greg finishes third overall over 210km in Nepal

Sunday, 8th April 2018, 8:10 am
Greg Ashley in Nepal

Most of the athletes at Rugby Triathlon Club were focussed on training rather than racing last week but Greg Ashley more than made up for it!

Gregory was in Nepal competing in the 210km, six-day Annapurna Ultra in the Himalayas.

Despite being a member of the 100 marathon club, and having competed in extreme multi-day events before, this was a real test for Greg.

Greg Ashley competing in the Annapurna Ultra

The terrain was, as you’d expect from the mountain range that boasts Everest, very hilly!

The hills and climbs were so steep that many of them were actually flights of steps rather than hills, a brutal addition to such a long experience.

The stunning scenery, Himalayan tracks, gorge footbridges and mountains made for a spectacular backdrop to the event.

Although Greg took pictures and made the most of the experience, it didn’t stop him claiming third place overall at the event.

Greg Ashley competing in the Annapurna Ultra

The event was hot, humid and hilly resulting in an incredible test of human endurance that Greg proved able to handle well.

It also opened his eyes to the local delicacy of a Snickers in a spring roll. It was rumoured this was key to his third place.

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