Tyso uses his block to shatter six concrete kerbs in demonstration

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When it comes to a question of mind over matter, kickboxing instructor Tyso Williams believes in using his block - to be more precise, six concrete kerbs with a depth of two feet.

Tyso, who runs Rugby’s Warrior Elite frestyle kickboxing school, gave a demonstration to his pupils of what can be acheived with a lot of application and inner strength.

In a feat which might see most people rushing to the nearest A&E department, he broke the six kerbs with his elbow, with barely a scratch to show for it.

The world record stands at a staggering 16, but Tyso personally doubts it’s validity. “They used their own blocks, rather than ones supplied by Guinness World Records, and they broke in three pieces, where it should have been in half,” he said.

“I believe in mind over matter. I suffer from charcot-marie tooth disease and was told I would be in a wheelchair by the age of 16 and I just refused point blank. I have done this to show how powerful the mind is and that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.”

During the demonstration ladies, and even some children, were encouraged to have a go.