Wune Tang has golden touch

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Wune Tang Academy has returned from the Open Tang Soo Do Tournament held in Cardiff, Wales with another Junior Grand Champion. 
Alexander Johnson, aged 11 from Wolston, gained gold medals across four disciplines along with Wune Tang Academy student Daisy Woon.

They fought off in a tight battle with Alexander taking the major title. The tournament had over 900 competitors from all over the world and Europe so this was a major achievement.

Instructor Zak Woon said: “I am immensely proud of our students. To have one student with four gold medals is outstanding but to have two is a testament to their training and hard work. Tang Soo Do is a complete martial arts system with a strict syllabus. Our students have to train and be proficient in sparring, forms and weaponry.”

A team of seven students travelled to take part and overall the team came back with 10 golds, twos silvers and four bronze placements.

There is an open tournament being held in Ryton on Dunsmore in October this year which the squad is working hard towards.

For further information please visit www.wunetangacademy.com.