Milk, Meryl and Margaret: it’s intriguing yet frustrating

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Film review

The Iron Lady

Cineworld, Rugby

By Natalie Werner

THE Iron Lady takes an informative look into the life of Margaret Thatcher from a power-hungry politician to a housebound widow.

The opening scene gives an insight into the reclusive life of Baroness Thatcher.

A story of her life is then told through hallucinations she has of her late husband Dennis, played convincingly as a loyal supportive partner by Jim Broadbent. Viewers are taken back to Thatcher’s life as a teenager, attending Oxford and her ambitious climb to Parliament.

A pivotal point in the film is a meeting with Tory MP Airey Neave (Nicholas Tarville) and TV guru Gordon Reece (Roger Allam) as they make over her image and give her the title of the Iron Lady.

From then on the film seems to only touch on the most relevant points of her career, almost rushing though it. This could have been delved into more, rather than what seemed unnecessary flashbacks to the current day throughout. These showed Margaret to be a lonely old woman, slowly losing the plot.

However director Phyllida Lloyd and writer Abi Morgan have to be praised on casting. Meryl Streep stepped perfectly into the role of Margaret Thatcher as the ambitious woman she once was.