Baring all for stage comedy

In thebest possible taste: The cast of Who Goes Bare?
In thebest possible taste: The cast of Who Goes Bare?

Popular stage comedy Who Goes Bare? comes to Rugby Theatre starting on September 12.

Co-written in 1974 by Leslie Darbon and Richard Harris, the play is about the events of a struggling health club and its owner’s gambling debt and has been described by the cast as “farce at its very best”.

Who Goes Bare? is directed by Mike Allen and stars Mark Baird as club owner Eddie, Michele Marsella as his maid Minnie and Debbie Higham as the suspicious Joan Manchip.

Eddie (Baird) struggles to run a Health and Strength Home in a decaying country mansion. He sells off the deeds to the house to a crook in order to pay off a gambling debt. Most of the staff desert the club, except for a cast of eccentric characters.

Describing the play, Mr Baird said: “We have a hungover health farm owner who can’t keep his clothes on, a gangster after his money, an accountant and his other half, a hysterical maid, an unhinged quick-change artist, a copper, the lady from Oxfam, a Scotsman – oh, and a nudist!”

“Add to the mix a lorry load of misunderstandings, clothes that keep on mysteriously vanishing, and more doors than you can shake a stick at – it’s just wonderfully crazy.”

Director Mike Allen said: “We’ve had a scream at rehearsals, and the cast are all looking forward to getting on stage – and getting their clothes off!”

Allen defended the naughty-but-nice nature of the production, and said: “As the title of the play suggests, it’s that kind of a show – but done in the best possible taste, of course.”

The play will open on September 12 for a week-long run. For more information and to book tickets, visit