Deliriously funny and expertly cast: Noises Off at Rugby Theatre

Gary Van-Sluiters, Emma-Louise Marshall, Emma Bright and Alex Brown
Gary Van-Sluiters, Emma-Louise Marshall, Emma Bright and Alex Brown
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Lindsey Howell reviews Noises Off at Rugby Theatre, which runs until Saturday.

Renowned as “one of the greatest British comedies ever written”, this production lives up to its reputation in a performance of incomparable skill, wit and humour (or insanity!).

The misfortunes, mistakes and downfalls of other people have, for some reason, always made popular comedy and makes us come back for more.

Noises Off is a perfect example of this but it is deliriously funny and expertly cast. There were too many laugh out loud moments and I was thoroughly impressed by the fast-paced cleverness of the whole play – it was outstanding.

The mad farce ‘Nothing On’ is the play within a play and must be about something, but it’s hard to imagine what. We have the nearly deaf Selsdon, the stuttering Gary, nervous Freddy and the ‘game for anything’ Belinda. Don’t try to work out who doesn’t know what, who’s in love with whom and why everyone is so angry!

You can definitely expect two hours of raucous laughter, lots of door slamming, sexual dalliances, confusion and, of course, plates of sardines!