A Visitation to the Alex

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Rugby space rock and classic rock band Visitation will be returning to The Alexandra Arms in James Street, Rugby on Saturday.

Starting at around 9pm, the gig will be the second live outing for the new Visitation line up, which consists of Nige Derrick (guitar, vocals, ‘spaciness’), Stuart Taylor (bass, ‘spatial manipulation’) and Bryan Beasley (drums and ‘space and time control’).

Visitation were formed in the early 1990s and their current line-up consists of Nige Derrick, Bryan Beasley, and Stuart Taylor.

They play a mixture of their own compositions and songs by artists such as Jimi Hedrix, Cream, Hawkwind, and Pink Floyd, producing what they describe as a” unique mixture of driving rock, psychedelic moods, and dub-reggae beats, to generate a truly original soundscape of musical ideas”.

They have played in pubs, festivals and bike rallies across the UK over the past 25 years.