Review: Laughs aplenty from anti-lad Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett
Joe Lycett

Paul Okey reviews comic Joe Lycett at Warwick Arts Centre

Joe Lycett admits he has a lot of time on his hands during the day.

But, if his latest show is anything to go by, he is using it wisely.

Whether it be fighting parking tickets, making up random inspirational quotes or taking on Isis (albeit the porn star), he is relentless in his pursuit of life’s k***heads.

The parking ticket correspondence may have gone viral, but it was just as funny when heard for a second time, while his attempt to outweird a Stockholm-based email scammer (or was it Berlin) deserves to gain the same notoriety.

Pint of lager in hand and fresh from a trip to watch West Brom, Lycett was still as far away from lad culture as you can get, with his paranoia over the correct procedure to present yourself at a urinal a case in point.

Whether it be the story of a friend’s coming out, his life as the Duchess or his confusion surrounding girls, Lycett showed his gag reflex remained strong.

Though, thankfully, he wasn’t sick on anybody’s shoes this time.