A take on Coventry’s Blitz at Belgrade

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The hit blitz-themed play One Night In November is now showing again at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry due to popular demand.

The story is set in the city in November 1940. Katie, a headstrong 18 year old training to be a teacher, encounters the stranded Michael, an Oxford tutor of romantic literature and language, while waiting for the ‘all clear’ at a railway station.

It’s the beginning of what could be a straightforward love story.

But nothing is straightforward in wartime. Unknown to Katie, Michael has been forced to turn his language skills to deciphering codes at Bletchley Park.

Katie, who lives with her family in Coventry, has no idea how terrible the threat of war is – but Michael does. The play asks whether Winston Churchill had advance warning of the attack on Coventry, and whether the city was sacrificed for the greater good – or to provoke America into the war?

The gripping wartime love story is back by popular demand having received an overwhelming response from audiences and critics alike.

The Daily Telegraph’s review stated: “You really want to know what is going to happen to the characters as the fatal night in November approaches.”

The Stage added: “The special effects are quite stunning, – it felt like a real bomb had landed on the theatre, shaking the whole building.”

The play is suitable for children aged 11 and above and running time, including interval, is two hours and 20 minutes. This show, on until October 19, contains loud bangs, flashing lights and smoke. For tickets, from £15.50, and more information, see belgrade.co.uk.