Dibley comes to Rugby

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The Vicar of Dibley is coming to Rugby Theatre next week – with a production based on three television episodes of the popular sitcom.

The show will be showing between Saturday May 11 and Saturday May 18 at 7.30pm (no show on Sunday). Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew Archer wrote the show and Sue Todd directed it.

When their vicar passed away in the middle of a service, the inhabitants of the Oxfordshire village of Dibley expected his replacement to be another old man with a beard, a Bible and bad breath.

Instead, they got a babe with a bob-cut and a magnificent bosom. Geraldine Granger is a woman who enjoys nothing more than a good laugh and a packet of chocolate hob nobs.

The thoroughly modern, pop music-loving vicar is far from the only eccentric character in the village, however.

The locals include the very, very dim verger Alice Tinker, David Horton the pompous parish councillor, Hugo his indecisive son, the incomprehensible Jim Trott, Frank the boring parish clerk, straight-talking farmer Owen Newitt and terrible cook Laetitia Cropley.

The television show aired from 1994 to 2007. The main character was an invention of Richard Curtis, but he and Dawn French extensively consulted the Rev Joy Carroll, one of the first female priests, and garnered many character traits and much information.

In ratings terms, the programme is among the most successful in the digital era, with the various Christmas and New Year specials all entering the top ten programmes of the year. For tickets, call Rugby Theatre’s box office on (01788) 541234 or visit Rugby Theatre’s website at rugbytheatre.co.uk.