Dickens classic at Rugby Theatre

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It’s been a hectic and exciting few weeks for Rugby Theatre actor Caroline Bailey-Read.

Not only has she been busy rehearsing for the theatre’s latest production of the Charles Dickens classic Nicholas Nickleby – but she - or to be precise her kitten Bronte, has become an overnight sensation (Advertiser February 28).

Caroline, who plays several parts in the play, said: “It has been really hard to keep up with everything. But I’m really looking forward to getting some of the attention back on me!”

Director Ashley Hirons said: “I have to say that Caroline, despite all the dashing around and publicity with Bronte, hasn’t missed one rehearsal and has worked amazingly hard throughout.

“There are 23 characters in the story shared out among the cast of ten, so some people play a number of roles. They go off stage as one character, and come back on – literally ten seconds later – as someone completely different.”

Ashley is keen to emphasise to potential audience members that the story is full of fun and laughter..

“Dickens was an amazing story-teller, and created some of literature’s most enduring characters,” says Ashley. “If he was alive today, he’d probably be writing the greatest ever storylines for EastEnders and Coronation Street.”

Adam Trezise stars in the title role, while Andy Yardley is the wicked Wackford Squeers, headmaster of the fearsome Dotheboys Hall. Tracey Seymour is Mrs Nickleby as well as Mrs Squeers, Bill Chapman returns to the stage after a long break to play Ralph Nickleby, and Jim Finch plays Charles Cheeryble. It opens on Saturday, March 15, then runs from Monday, March 17, to Saturday, March 22. Tickets start at £11. Call (01788) 541234.