Hidden memories and dark secrets

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THE Belgrade Theatre will start its new autumn/winter season in style with Bomber’s Moon which is set to light up the stage.

Bomber’s Moon, a critically acclaimed new play about hidden memories, dark secrets and the nature of faith that will be performed in the B2 at the Coventry theatre from Saturday until October 1.

Written by William Ivory, who also wrote the screenplay for the hit film Made in Dagenham and the recent BBC4 adaptation of DH Lawrence’s Women in Love, Bomber’s Moon follows the story of former RAF gunner Jimmy and his new care assistant, David.

Now in his 80s and living in sheltered accommodation, Jimmy is facing his final battle against old age and infirmity, whilst David is desperate to make a good impression in his new job and build a new future for himself.

As their unlikely relationship develops, Jimmy’s memory increasingly snaps him back to the adrenaline-fuelled terror of his Second World War bombing raids and David’s new-found faith is tested to breaking point as he is forced to face his own demons.

Writer William said Bomber’s Moon is a story about ordinary people put under extraordinary pressure – and emerging, though bloodied, still unbowed.

For tickets or more information call the box office on (024) 7655 3055 or visit www.belgrade.co.uk.