REVIEW: Rugby’s new vicar as good as the original

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The Vicar of Dibley

Rugby Theatre

Until Saturday

Tickets: (01788) 541234

Review by Claire Heritage

Having lived in Rugby for nearly eight years, this evening was my first visit to Rugby Theatre.

I have to say that I am very annoyed with myself for not visiting sooner! The evening was great and the production far exceeded my expectations. The Vicar of Dibley has long been a favourite in my household and when I saw this was due to be shown I had to go and see it – and I was not disappointed. The cast played out three episodes of the comedy and the cast’s portrayal of the characters was so vivid I could only find favourable comparisons to the original production. I was particularly impressed with the cast’s ability to recreate the warm interaction between the characters that, combined with great comic timing, left me laughing all over again from start to finish. The evening was fantastic and I would recommend to anybody who loves this popular comedy series – a definite must-see.