Rugby Cats cast are feline fine

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A passionate cast of 30 young people will take to the stage for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s world-famous musical Cats.

Director Ethan Smith said the actors are aged from as young as six right up to 19. The musical takes place on March 28 and 29 at the Temple Speech Room at Rugby School.

He said: “The majority of these young people are also members of local theatre schools, including Impact Dance with Hayley, and Christine Anderson Theatre School. We have received generous donations from a range of local sponsors and businesses, who have helped make this production a reality.

“We have also received a great deal of support-in-kind, from various scrapyards and rubbish dumps in Rugby who have donated junk, tyres and car parts for us to use in creating our stage - the story is, of course, set in a scrapyard!”

‘Cats’ tells the story of the tribe of Jellicle Cats who meet once a year at the Jellicle Ball, where one of them will be chosen to journey up to the Heaviside Layer and be reborn in a new life. Songs include ‘Macavity’, ‘Mr Mistoffelees’ and, of course, the timeless classic, ‘Memory’.

Ethan, of Five Star Entertainment, said: added: “What makes Cats so special is the sheer colour of the performance: the hand-painted leotards and crafted wigs make for a very special breed of feline, while the variety of music and dance is magical. There is a tap routine, ballet, acrobatics and the twelve-minute Jellicle Ball itself. I have directed and produced the show; the stunning choreography is the result of hard work by my colleague, Catty Giles.”

Tickets are £10 for adults and £8 concessions. They can be purchased from Goodie Two Shoes or on the website