THEATRE REVIEW: Barmy Britain at its best

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Theatre review

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Runs until Saturday (February 22)

By Ginny Hunter

Great for all the family! This show was a real joy from start to finish, packed with hundreds of years of history from vicious Vikings to terrible Tudors.

It’s an educational show for both children and adults but with that fun element that Horrible Histories always manages to do.

Singing, dancing, interaction with the audience and even a 3D bogglevision section, you couldn’t blink without missing a few years of history.

The four actors worked tirelessly over the two hours (short 15 minute interlude) changing characters from William Wallace to Queen Victoria or Henry the VIII to Guy Fawkes.

If you enjoy history you are sure to enjoy this stage production that brings you the facts about why Britain was so barmy. It also points out that we are still barmy!

Nicely written as always, thanks Terry Deary and Neal Foster, I wish you had done this back in the 1980s when I was at school, it would have made history lesson’s so much more memorable.