Theatre review: slow start but worth persevering with

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Wendy and Peter Pan

Royal Shakespeare Theatre,

Stratford upon Avon

Until March 2

Review by John Hardeman

Tickets: 0844 800 1110 or via

This seasonal entertainment should establish itself as one of the RSC’s more memora-ble family offerings being an absorbing adaptation of J M Barrie’s 1902 story about the adventures of a mischievous boy who never wants to grow up.

Jonathan Munby presents, in a little under three hours, a magical interpretation of Ella Hickson’s re-writ really comes alive after the interval with the spectacular, and ac-tion-packed, arrival of Captain Hook’s pirate ship, much fly-ing, and some thrilling sword fights.

The production has all-round appeal although young-er patrons may find its early dialogue somewhat laborious before there is some compen-sation in lively stage activity later on.

There is a large cast that shows considerable athleti-cism in many of the scenes but the star is the experienced Fiona Button, who plays a de-lightful and concerned Wendy who eventually outwits Guy Henry’s rumbustious Cap-tain Hook.

Enjoy the production with-out attempting to understand any deeper meanings behind Barrie’s work.