Console Corner: It’s a Far Cry from the others

Anyone fancy a mammoth hunt? Far Cry Primal is out later this month
Anyone fancy a mammoth hunt? Far Cry Primal is out later this month

Just when you thought the Far Cry series couldn’t get much better they turn the clock back 12,000 years.

The Stone Age of 10,000 BC is the last place you would expect a series known for memorable characters and dark plot lines to find itself.

But that’s exactly where Far Cry Primal takes us when it launches on PS4 and XBox One next week (Tuesday February 23) and it looks epic.

Ubisoft’s latest entry has you in the inhospitable land of Oros and you play the role of Takkar, a hunter.

I don’t know about you but FCP instantly reminds me of Turok, and that’s no bad thing.

Gamers will have to hunt for food, craft weapons and items, and fight against other tribes.

You can also recruit beasts such as sabre toothed tigers for protection using what the game calls ‘beast master’ and there are even rumours of encounters with yetis.

Screenshots and video trailers released up until now also show battles with huge mammoths.

In fact according to reports the first story mission opens with a mammoth hunt as Takkar and his tribe attempts to obtain food on their way to Oros.

They are set to compete with tigers, which attacked the tribe, leaving Takkar to fight for his survival.

In a recent interview Primal’s lead writer Kevin Shortt said that the game was a full-on Far Cry - which translates as immensely vast to you and I - with the main campaign expected to take around 30 hours to complete.

It’s a peculiar twist for the hugely popular franchise but it has certainly got tongues wagging in the games industry.

The first reaction of most people is “what will it be like without the weapons and vehicles”.

Well the truth is we don’t know but the action has the opportunity to be a lot more visceral and engaging as a result.